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Two business men shaking hands, close upWe have a new client that runs a brisbane based auto-related business, and they came to us after having multiple “SEO Guys” working on their site.

Understandably the client was looking for guarantees and assurances that we weren’t another fligh-by-night SEO mob, or an SEO Company that was too big to care about our clients ongoing needs.

After some strong negotiation the client came on board.

When examining their website from an SEO perspective, we noticed immediately that there were elements missing that are fundamental to good search engine optimisation.

In fact, as the client had at the time a large well-advertised SEO Comapny working for them, we were shocked at how poor the optimisation work had been done on the client’s website.

Yes..    the client was paying an Australian SEO company x hundred dollars per month for SEO services, and they had not completed even the most basic elements.

Shocked, is in fact an understatement.


So we got to work doing the basics for the clients website, and at first we aimed to stop the slide…  as the client’s website was falling fast in the Google rankings.

With the basic elements of the website restored and adjusted, we saw a slowing in the decreasing rankings and results, and since we have also instituted some other measures we are now seeing the turn around.

Here is the most recent Search Query graph, showing the improvement since we took over.


…and here is the full story, dating back to September 2014 when the client had good rankings and results.


So..  our work is paying off , ‘statistically” at least.. but we have a long way to go to get the client back to the previous levels.

That said, the client is pleased, and their AdWords budget has decreased, and we have assured them that the improvement will continue.


Is your site suffering?

Is your SEO guy not performing or producing the results you want?

Give us a ring, and let us show you what can be done to improve the standing of your website.



The SEO Guy



Dave is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane and works for clients across Australia and the world. He has more than 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and consults for small and medium businesses in Brisbane and across Australia

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