Still waiting for Google – Real SEO in Action – Part 06

Another two weeks passes by and some small changes in our rankings have occurred.

So where is My SEO Guy?? 

Last time we reported in, it was fluctuating between position # 23 and position # 56…    Things have settled now and My SEO Guy is holding in it’s page three between position #28-30.

We spent a little time in the “Google Sandbox” with the index page of My SEO Guy not being found in the Google index for a number of weeks, but steady work and good content have enabled us to be “found” again.

As before…   we expect the My SEO Guy ranking to continue to improve.


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Real SEO in Action – My SEO Guy – Part 02

So how are we going…  Has  My SEO Guy become the dominant force in SEO search engine results. !??

Well not quite yet.. but improvements have been made and we are more than happy with the changes.  MySEOGuy.com.au is now ranked at Position # 31 for the keywords ‘seo brisbane’, which is a distinct improvement from a little over 2 weeks ago(13 Aug).


So are we seeing ‘traffic’…  the true result that we want to see.  The short answer is Yes.

We are not retiring yet… but we have seen results…. and improvement in rankings and traffic  will continue as we continue to link and write and work on the rankings of My SEO Guy.




Interestingly  our old site, seo.grimpond.com, remains at #15  for the term ‘seo brisbane’.  We expected the fall in rankings to be sharper as we moved the focus from seo.grimpond.com to myseoguy.com.au.

So we will keep an eye on that too..


Check back soon  for more SEO results


The SEO Guy


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