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Google Analytics Deciphered

Audience Overview - Google AnalyticsSeeing and using Google Analytics for the first time can be a bit daunting…

Statics for website usage and access have improved and got more complex over the years. The days of counting “hits” is now long gone.

My SEO Guy found this nice explainer article on what each of the technical term means at Google Analytics.


Here’s just a snippet.

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It’s time to start writing. Blogs and SEO

Writing SEOIt’s time to start writing…  in fact it’s past the time to start writing..  and you should get cracking right now!

This is what I tell clients with self-hosted/managed websites every day.  If you(the client) want to help your site reach more people, rank better in the search engines, and be loved by Google et al, then start writing.. and don’t stop.

I am of course talking about what is commonly called “blogging”. Which is just a fancy term for adding news and updates to your site.  When you do this, you add content to your site, you add keyword rich content to your site(assuming you are writing about relevant topics) and you keep your users informed and engaged.

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Warning! Scam Phone Calls – Not from My SEO Guy

This warning comes from our parent company – Grimpond Marketing.

Please note, all details apply to My SEO Guy as well.



We have just received notification from a client that they received a call today from a person with an accent claiming to be from Grimpond Marketing.

Much like the Telstra/Windows/SEO phone calls that we all get, this scammer wanted access to the client’s website and/or computer and started on her ‘spiel’, but was cut off by the client who was savvy enough to know it was a scam.


Read more at Grimpond Web Design and Marketing


The SEO Guy

Real SEO in Action – My SEO Guy – Part 05

More than a fortnight has passed since our last  My SEO Guy position update, and not a lot has changed. remains on the first page for “seo brisbane”, and holds its position at  #7 or #8  for the last  weeks.


But our real interest is in the position of My SEO Guy for the targeted prime keywords “seo brisbane”, and the results vary.  At it’s highest point My SEO Guy was at position #23 for the targeted keywords. and at its lowest point position # 56.  This is a not uncommon results for a new site, where Google places it in the search engine results pages based on it’s initial ‘crawls’ of the front page of the new site and then adjusts it’s position as it crawls the remainder of the site. Continue reading

Real SEO in Action – My SEO Guy – Part 04

Another week or so has passed and the interesting search engine  results continue..


This week has reached the first page for “SEO Brisbane” again coming in at position #8 – an excellent result!  Even though it is not the specific outcome what we were aiming for, we are pleased with the result.

This is in conjunction with the results for My SEO Guy, which have also improved.  My SEO GUy – – is now at position #34, up from position #48– for the term “seo brisbaneContinue reading

Great Search Engine Optimisation result for a Client in Perth

We just achieved the perfect outcome for one of  our ‘favourite’ clients..

A Number #1  Position on Google for her prime keyphrase – “hair extensions perth”


This ranking has brought her site more traffic, and more clients to her business.  This result was achieved with our work, but also with some excellent work by the client. We have mentioned her before when we previously wrote about The SEO Power of the Blog.


Now that the Number #1 position is held, it allows us to focus on secondary keywords and phrases that can also increase the traffic to the website.


Would you like to see results like this for your site..?   Give us a ring  – 0419 295 283 – and we will outline what we can do for your sites SEO.


The SEO Guy

Real SEO in Action – My SEO Guy – Part 02

So how are we going…  Has  My SEO Guy become the dominant force in SEO search engine results. !??

Well not quite yet.. but improvements have been made and we are more than happy with the changes. is now ranked at Position # 31 for the keywords ‘seo brisbane’, which is a distinct improvement from a little over 2 weeks ago(13 Aug).


So are we seeing ‘traffic’…  the true result that we want to see.  The short answer is Yes.

We are not retiring yet… but we have seen results…. and improvement in rankings and traffic  will continue as we continue to link and write and work on the rankings of My SEO Guy.




Interestingly  our old site,, remains at #15  for the term ‘seo brisbane’.  We expected the fall in rankings to be sharper as we moved the focus from to

So we will keep an eye on that too..


Check back soon  for more SEO results


The SEO Guy


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Real SEO in Action – My SEO Guy

We have shifted the project started by SEO Grimpond over to the new site – My SEO Guy and will now be tracking our success in re-targeting our keywords.

Right now My SEO Guy is ranked in Position #152   – not the best spot..   but we should see a big increase in our ranking shortly..

Traffic is growing, and we are not receiving any love from Google yet…(No one goes to Page 16!)


So we now have a starting point..  and our work begins…  Stay tuned for more updates and results from our active Search Engine Optimisation project.


The SEO Guy


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Grimpond SEO comes to My SEO Guy

The official SEO arm of Grimpond Marketing and Web Design has joined us here at My SEO Guy.

Bringing Grimpond’s long standing history and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation to My SEO Guy will enable us to focus on the SEO packages  that this SEO company can offer and increase  our search engine power with the assets that Grimpond already owns and runs.

Keep an eye out for more news..


The SEO Guy





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