Pixel Tracking – Yes or No?

tracking-pixelsUsing tracking pixels is a bit “old school” but is still used by some publishers and advertisers for tracking hits/users/etc.


So what is a tracking pixel?

A tracking pixel is a small 1×1 pixel image, often in gif or png form, that is inserted in certain pages/ads/forms so that the stats associated with the image can be used as an anlytical tool.


So how does it work?

Each element of a web page is loaded on the page after it is ‘requested’ from the server ‘serving’ the said page.  Eg:  When you load this page.. each single element(espec. images) are called as the page loads and then your browser puts it all together to make a page.

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Reclaim your missing Google + page

GooglePlus-Logo-02Like many others we “lost” a number of Google “Places” pages when Google changed the structure of Google Places, Google + and Google My Business.  We had a dashboard full of “A Google+ Page” and “Default Name” after Google had done the clean out.

So how are we meant to tell which page is which in order to reclaim and rebuild it?

This was a problem, that we spent a long time searching for a solution to.

Now we have found the answer.

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Hey Google! I’ve got a question!

Google-PlusSo I asked this question at a recent meeting of SEO professionals and newbies, and no one could give me an answer, and I am still struggling to find Google reasoning behind doing this thing.

So what was the question I asked?

Simple really.. I asked the gathered SEO people to search for “SEO Brisbane”  on their mobile devices… right there and then in the meeting, and the question I asked was..

“Do you see Google + results in the search results?”


“If you do…  are they your own results?”

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Google Updates and On-Page SEO

Magnifying Glass -  Internet MarketingI received a little SPAM email from an SEO company based in Sydney this week(or was it last week?) and I always find it interesting when SEO Companies and Consultants have to resort to email spamming to increase their client base..

Remeber!  The first rule about email spam remains..

Rule Number 1. Don’t do business with email spammers – It only confirms their “marketing” method.

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Results for “SEO Brisbane” – Update 09

I got asked the question the other day…  “If you are so good at SEO, why aren’t you on the first page of Google for “SEO Brisbane”?”

A valid question? Yes!..   but with a simple answer.  Our job is to get other peoples sites appearing as high and as often as possible in the organic results of Search Engines – namely Google.

So we do not spend extraordinary amounts of time working on our own side of things.  We rank well for certain keywords, and others we could definitely improve on.  out target phrase from the beginning was “SEO Brisbane” – as we mentioned way back in August. So where are we now..?

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Some love from Google+

Google+ gets a bit of a bad rep.. as it is not as ‘popular’ as Facebook. But what we have learned is that Google+ is not going anywhere, and Google values it’s ‘social media’ platform highly.

For this reason we recommend to clients that they use and interact with Google+  and the users found there.


My SEO Guy just got recognised  by Google+, and has been given a brand new Google+ URL –


Easy to use, and remember and not case specific,  so – – works just as well.


So don’t discount or forget about Google+.  It is here to stay, and can help you gain better rankings for your business or personal website.  Talk to us about what Google+ can do for you.


The SEO Guy


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First page of Google in a Week

Yes!…  you read it right….

First page of Google in a Week

That’s what we have just done for a new client withe a trade/service business in Brisbane.


The client had an existing site that was dated, and ‘under-designed’.  It received poor traffic and was not found in the first 10 SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) eg:  It was ranked somewhere in the hundreds…


We were commissioned at first to do the search engine optimisation for this air conditioning company, but the site design and CMS  were not conducive to what we wanted and needed to do.  So our team we took on the re-design job as well.  This created a structure that would make the SEO work we were to undertake much easier.


We discussed the targets for this business with the client and decided on some prime and secondary keywords and phrases.  With this information we started making the changes necessary to the site.


At My SEO Guy we create a complete search engine optimisation package for every company we work for.  We don’t just add some keywords and run away.   Once target keywords and phrases are selected with the client’s input, we aim to refine those words based on actual results and user behaviour.  Then with our holistic approach  we examine site structure, keyword structure and page structure to determine the best way to improve the site search engine standing.

This holistic approach allows us to get good results quickly, and results that have significant longevity.


With this client the results were significant and fast.

Search Queries-Sep-13

There is much more work to do with this company, to ensure that the results we have achieved are long standing, and to additionally target the secondary key words and phrases that can bring more specific traffic to their website.



The SEO Guy


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Do YOU need to understand SEO?

The answer to that question is Yes and No.



As an business or service and an SEO client, you should have some understanding of what your SEO company is doing for you.

Put simply you should have some understanding of:

  • A Basic understanding of Google searching and how the results are presented.
  • The Keywords you would like your to rank for
  • The Keywords your competitors are ranked for


Do you need to understand keyword densities, text positioning on pages, the intricacies of on page and off page elements?

I would say… No

You need to focus on your business and let your SEO consultant do their job.  If they are doing it right you will see the results clearly in search results and increased number of leads/contacts.


So don’t get caught up in the intricacies..   let your SEO guy do his work…



The SEO Guy

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