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So Where are We – SEO Brisbane – Update 12

SEO Brisbane rankingOnce again it has been some time since we updated everyone on our own standings in Google for our chosen prime keywords – SEO Brisbane – so it is time for an update…

Our last ranking update had us at position #32 for ‘SEO Brisbane’, and we were pleased that we had seen a nice rise in our ranking. I explained in part then that the rise was due to “work” we had been doing, and that we were pleased with the outcome.

But now.. I know in recent times we have not been doing the “work” required, and I am expecting a drop in our Google ranking.

Before I check, I will have a look at Google Webmasters and see how we are doing… one sec….

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New SEO Client – New Challenge

SEO First StepsWe have just started working for a  new SEO Client here in Brisbane, and it has some new challenges for My SEO Guy.


The Client is a accommodation type hotel here in the Brisbane CBD.  This, as you can imagine, is a highly competitive market and keywords are sort after by many websites and and companies representing them.


So  we were surprised a little by the early success that we achieved for this ‘small’ hotel in Brisbane.

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SEO Work equals SEO Gains. It’s as simple as that.

Just four days ago we updated our results for our live SEO in Action project.. and included an update on our old site and how it was fairing in the rankings.

Interestingly our old site,, remains at #15 for the term ‘seo brisbane’. We expected the fall in rankings to be sharper as we moved the focus from to

So we will keep an eye on that too..

So we kept an eye on it…

..and guess what!? is now first page for the chosen keywords – ‘seo brisbane’

An outstanding result.. but one that we are in the process of ‘undoing’.

With the constant work we are doing we expect to see more changes in the rankings for both and

Stay tuned

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