Marketing and SEO BS!

I am seeing more and more pages, emails and posts, that go on about “secrets to millions” , “the one thing that will get you to the top of Google” and the old classic “get 1000s of hits for free” when really they are just repackaged marketing hype and weasel words..

Here the latest one..
(again details and names have been removed to protect the “innocent”)


The holy grail for any business website is top ranking in Google. Without it, a xxxxx’s website may as well be in the middle of the desert.

Check out this new blog post. With our Google genius Xxxxx Xxxxx‘s help, I’ve just outlined quick recipe any website owner can use that’s proven to lift a site’s rankings, and therefore traffic – the Blog Post Xxxxxxx.

Hint: in that post you’ll discover a cunning little trick about pictures that very few web designers have even heard of – and yet it’s so easy, anybody can do it.

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Searche Engine Optimisation Email Spam

If you own a website..  you would have received one(if not many)  spam emails  telling you how you website does not rank for your keywords.

Don’t believe what they say, don’t get sucked into a trap.. and understand why you should not do these things..

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