Straight to the First Page of Google

We achieved some outstanding results for a Brisbane-Based small business this month with more than 10 targeted prime keywords that moved from the dark depths of Google search results to be on the first page of Google results.

The business is design-associated, and had a website in good standing, with lots of decent content.  This was a good place to start.

We undertook to improve it’s Search Engine Rankings and it’s overall traffic, with some spectacular results achived in just one month.

Prime Keyword One:  From >  Page #10 to Page #1 -> a Top 5 ranking

Prime Keyword Two:  From >  Page #10 to Page #1 -> a Top 2 ranking

Prime Keyword Three:  From >  Page #3 to Page #1 -> a Top 4 ranking


This lead to a sharp and significant rise in traffic and a marked rise in Search Queries and Click-Throughs


The good results spread across all targeted keywords and continues to improve as time goes on.  We have more work to do on this site, and I believe the reults will continue to improve.


One interesting phenomena was the rise of the site for a highly competitive key phrase. Within  a short period of time it was ranking on the first page for this keyphrase, which I thought was a great result, but I did not trust that is was going to stick.

The rise was followed by a sharp fall from Page #1 to Page #6.

This is where we expected the ranking to be, and it has now settled in this approximate position.

I will write in more detail about this phenomena shortly.


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Dave is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane and works for clients across Australia and the world. He has more than 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and consults for small and medium businesses in Brisbane and across Australia

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