Still getting Search Engine/SEO Spam

I am still getting my emails from a certain SEO Company that shall remain nameless…  even though I never signed up to their ‘news” in the first place and have unsubscribed via their link.  Which appears to not work, so I keep getting their little gems that I have previously mentioned.

So what little gem have we received this week…?

Over the weekend Google rolled out the Penguin 3.0 update to the web.
This update has shifted search results and has a lot of webmasters
waiting to see where their rankings will settle.

Get_more_and_more_back_links_with_directory_submission_through_hIn that previous post I discussed the “naming” of Google updates and the focus of some “SEO Professionals” on those names, and the outcomes of these ‘named’ updates.

So this update has been and gone… and what has happened to the sites that we do SEO for….    Hmmm  essentially nothing!



The overriding principle in regards to any Google algorithm change is… be doing the right thing in the first place, and nothing will change.

If you are already doing the “right things” for your website, or in our case, a client’s website..   then you have nothing to fear from a Google algorithm update apart from possibly some improvements in your rankings.


The follow up email contained a “special deal” to help you deal with your “affected websites”….

Scare you first….  then sell you a solution…  Sound familar?


We can help your website rank and get visitors without any fear..  now or in the future.

Give us a ring or drop Dave an email


The SEO Guy

PS:  I am going to try the ‘unsubscribe’ link again…  so this maybe the last we hear from our friend. :)

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Dave is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane and works for clients across Australia and the world. He has more than 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and consults for small and medium businesses in Brisbane and across Australia

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