So what Keywords do we rank for?

KeywordsThe update we did the other day, made me go looking, in some detail, at the words the My SEO Guy does rank well for.  By doing this analysis, we can find out a couple of key bits of information.

1. What words we do rank for.

2. What pages are ranked for the keywords above


3. Why are those pages ranked for those keywords

The answers to these questions can help guide our(or your) Search Engine optimisation plan, and tell us(you) what is working and what isn’t and what need’s adjusting or deleting. This analysis can really help change the effectiveness of the work that we do.

Here is a sample of keywords that we DO rank for.

Keyword Page Rank Traffic?
“most competitive keywords” 7  No
“my seo guy” 1 1 Yes
“seo consultant brisbane” 1 5
“australian seo packages” 2 Yes
“seo packages brisbane” 1 10
 “seo brisbane”  5  47


So what does this tell us?  The raw numbers don’t tell us much.. but looking at them in context does reveal some information.

Lets get the simple stuff out of the way.

We rank for “SEO Brisbane” and it brings us a little traffic and lots of impressions at Google. But this is deceptive and in my opinion horribly skewed.  Why…  because a lot of these searches are made by other SEO companies and operators as they search for their own rankings and the rankings of their competitors.  In essence we would like to(and aim to) be better ranked for this keyword, but the traffic we get from it now is low quality or junk-level at best.


Now lets look at one that does work.

We rank for a few combinations of “seo packages” and these terms bring us a little traffic due to our rankings on page #1 and page #2 of the Google results.  This was a deliberately targeted keyword phrase, with a specifically constructed page to be ranked for those keyphrases.

Our ranking here could be better, and the ‘landing’ page possibly improved to help with client acquisition, but all in all, it is a targeted phrase doing fairly well.


Now another simple one.

Guess what?!  We rank for “my seo guy”.. and that rank is Number #1 – At least it is here in Brisbane, and it should be in most of Australia.

This is no great achievement.  It is an expected ranking, and I would be very bloody disappointed if we did not rank Number #1.

Do we get traffic?  – Yes

Is it an important ranking  – Yes

Branding is the key here..  and we want users to be able to find us by name easily.  This definitely brings us traffic and clients and is a fundamental of any SEO plan.


searching-the-internetThat said….  When looking at SEO consultants or companies, beware of this little trap.  You will see on many sites…  “Guaranteed Page #1 Google” (Remember the spam from the other day.)

How can they make this promise?  Well it is simple really..  The number one ranking they are “guaranteeing” you  would probably be achieved simply by having a title on your site. eg: They are guaranteeing you  that you will get a page #1 ranking for your own site’s name.

I can’t think of a site that I have ever built or collaborated on that did not get a number #1 ranking for their own name.  So the promise is empty, and again just another marketing ploy.

Be aware.. and ask lots of question to avoid these little traps.


So our answers from this quick analysis are really what we already knew…

More work is needed on our own site.

More work is needed on our On Page elements

..and more work is needed on refining the keywords and phrases that we want to rank for.


In essence…  MORE WORK !



The SEO Guy

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Dave is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane and works for clients across Australia and the world. He has more than 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and consults for small and medium businesses in Brisbane and across Australia

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