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GooglePlus-Logo-02Like many others we “lost” a number of Google “Places” pages when Google changed the structure of Google Places, Google + and Google My Business.  We had a dashboard full of “A Google+ Page” and “Default Name” after Google had done the clean out.

So how are we meant to tell which page is which in order to reclaim and rebuild it?

This was a problem, that we spent a long time searching for a solution to.

Now we have found the answer.

1. Go to your Google + Dashboard –

If you have “unknown” pages they should appear here.


2. Scroll to an unknown page and click on [Manage This Page]

This will take you to an overview of your unknown page.


3. Near the top right of the main content you will see the settings cog-wheel


Click on it and go to [Settings]



4. Scroll down the Settings page until you reach Third Party Tools

Here you will see your pages username, and it will be something like.

Where the “business-name-here” will indicate the previous name/owner of the page.

… and there you go.


5. Go back to your Google+ page, and hover over the current page name “Default Page” etc.

Click on it to edit the name, and give your page it’s name back.


So there you have it..  Now you can at least identify your missing and unlabelled “default pages”.

Now get to work and make them active, verify them and put them to good use.


The SEO Guy



Dave is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane and works for clients across Australia and the world. He has more than 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and consults for small and medium businesses in Brisbane and across Australia

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