It’s time to start writing. Blogs and SEO

Writing SEOIt’s time to start writing…  in fact it’s past the time to start writing..  and you should get cracking right now!

This is what I tell clients with self-hosted/managed websites every day.  If you(the client) want to help your site reach more people, rank better in the search engines, and be loved by Google et al, then start writing.. and don’t stop.

I am of course talking about what is commonly called “blogging”. Which is just a fancy term for adding news and updates to your site.  When you do this, you add content to your site, you add keyword rich content to your site(assuming you are writing about relevant topics) and you keep your users informed and engaged.

These simple things can make a huge difference to the standing of your website in Google and the other Search Engines.  We have mentioned this before – The SEO Power of the Blog – and the facts remain the same.  Writing stuff is good for your site.


..and I can show you how.

Here is a graph of Search Query – Impressions for this site over 3 months.




Search Query – Impressions is a measure of how many times our site came up in searches at Google.  You can ignore the numbers.. and just look at the graph and it’s trend.

Can you see where we embarked on a process of regular ‘blog’ writing and posting?

No doubt you can see the clear rise in trend in the last month or so…  this comes from work we have done in the previous months.



The BLUE arrow indicates where we commenced our regular ‘blog’ writing and posting

The RED arrow indicates where we started to see a “return”  on the work we had and have done.


That is a 30+% rise in Impressions at Google. That means 30% more users are seeing My SEO Guy in results for searches.

This rise is almost entirely attributable to the ‘blog’ work we have done. Even including some other work we have done that might influence this, we are impressed with the results and have seen a rise in our rankings as well.


So there you have it.. a reason to blog..  Do you need more?

Get blogging/writing/posting/composing


The SEO Guy


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Dave is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane and works for clients across Australia and the world. He has more than 15 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing and consults for small and medium businesses in Brisbane and across Australia

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