Hey Google! I’ve got a question!

Google-PlusSo I asked this question at a recent meeting of SEO professionals and newbies, and no one could give me an answer, and I am still struggling to find Google reasoning behind doing this thing.

So what was the question I asked?

Simple really.. I asked the gathered SEO people to search for “SEO Brisbane”  on their mobile devices… right there and then in the meeting, and the question I asked was..

“Do you see Google + results in the search results?”


“If you do…  are they your own results?”

So why was I asking?

Because when I search for “SEO Brisbane” – as I have mentioned many SEO people do – I get my own Google + results among the results that Google displays.


Google Plus results in amongst organic search results

and also


More Google Plus results in amongst organic search results


So my question was… Why?

  1. Does Google think I want to see my own results when I am searching for a term?
  2. Am I ranked in these positions for those search terms?
  3. Are other results excluded because my results are returned in the SERP?


The answers to some of these questions are simple.

Answer 1. No I dont.   I know where my posts are and I know what they say.  I wrote them.

Answer 2. No I am not. My results only appear for me when I am “signed in” at Google under my SEO Google Account.  When I asked my  SEO professional group to do the search.. they did not see my results…  and some saw their own results.

Answer 3. Yes they are.  It appears that when my results are added to the SERP, then at least two legitimate sites/articles etc get shoved onto the second page.


So Why Google? Why?

Sure I got all warm and fuzzy when I saw my result on the first page for a highly competitive term, and then I saw I had two results and my head started spinning..   But once I gained control of my senses I guessed that something wasn’t right.. and now I am left with the unanswered question…

Why is it so?
(Kudos to Julius Sumner Miller)



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