Cold Calling SEO’s and their myths

Cold Call SEOI had an SEO client in Brisbane contact me yesterday after their received a “cold call” from an SEO company.

The client said that the “SEO Company” had explained that they would be able to get the client’s website from page 3 in the Google SERPs,  to page 1  in just one day.

Not bad…  and the client wanted to know why we couldn’t do the same?


As I told the client…  there are a few “myths”(I am using the word myth..  but you know what I mean!)  in what the “SEO Company” guy had said,and some tell tale holes in his story indicated that they did not really have a clue what they were talking about.

1.  Can they get the clients website from Page Three to Page One  in 24 hours.

That is possible, but it would be using methods that Google most likely would frown upon.

Additionally, IF they could make that improvement in rankings happen, then the fall in rankings following that move would be significant as well.  eg:  Within a short period of time the clients site would be back on Page 3 or worse.  Essentially Google watches for fasting rising websites and will “punish” them if the methods used to gain that rise are not legitimate or appropriate.

2. Wrong Keyword/Keyphrase

The “SEO Company” guy said that he could improve the ranking for our client’s site for a certain keyphrase.  Hmm…  but the problem was that he was talking about a generic keyphrase, and totally missing the specificity of our clients website.

Our client provides a service for a certain clientele…  and only those clientele.  They do not offer their service to all and sundry.  So the “SEO Company” guy had either not been to our client’s website…  or had totally ignored the specificity of our client’s service.

So this guy wanted to increase the ranking of our client’s website for a completely inappropriate keyphrase.

SEO Brisbane Superman



Alarms bells ringing yet?   ಠ_ಠ

They should be!

Our advice is simple:

  • Don’t do business with cold callers. – If they were as good as they say they are, they would be Number One for “SEO Brisbane” etc.
  • If an SEO company approaches you  – Ask lots of questions, especially about specifics of your site. – If they cant answer specific things about your site, it is unlikely they have been to it and they are just using harvested information.
  • Always go with a trusted and proven SEO Consultant for your business.  – Someone recommended by a friend or colleague with proven results is the best bet. You want your colleague to say “You should talk to my SEO guy”  :-)



The SEO Guy


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