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SEO – Everything in Moderation

So you want your business on the first page of Google results?  ..and you want it there now..

This is an admirable goal, but one that must be tempered by the real world of the internet and search engine optimisation.  ‘Internet sensations‘ often follow a simple boom and bust path..  So do you want your website to be Number #1  tomorrow and then Number # 176  in three weeks time…  I think not.

Applying SEO principles and changes ‘slowly and in moderation is a significant key to success.  Search engines want to see many of the things we have posted about before  – Longevity, Focus and Continued steady growth in content.

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Still waiting for Google – Real SEO in Action – Part 06

Another two weeks passes by and some small changes in our rankings have occurred.

So where is My SEO Guy?? 

Last time we reported in, it was fluctuating between position # 23 and position # 56…    Things have settled now and My SEO Guy is holding in it’s page three between position #28-30.

We spent a little time in the “Google Sandbox” with the index page of My SEO Guy not being found in the Google index for a number of weeks, but steady work and good content have enabled us to be “found” again.

As before…   we expect the My SEO Guy ranking to continue to improve.


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Some love from Google+

Google+ gets a bit of a bad rep.. as it is not as ‘popular’ as Facebook. But what we have learned is that Google+ is not going anywhere, and Google values it’s ‘social media’ platform highly.

For this reason we recommend to clients that they use and interact with Google+  and the users found there.


My SEO Guy just got recognised  by Google+, and has been given a brand new Google+ URL –


Easy to use, and remember and not case specific,  so – – works just as well.


So don’t discount or forget about Google+.  It is here to stay, and can help you gain better rankings for your business or personal website.  Talk to us about what Google+ can do for you.


The SEO Guy


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