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Real SEO in Action – My SEO Guy – Part 03

..and so the dance continues..

Since our last update has fallen off the first page of results(as expected).. and My SEO Guy has continued it’s rise..

SEO Grimpond –  – is now at position #14, down from a high of position #8  – for the term “seo brisbane

My SEO GUy – – is now at position #48, up from position #55  – for the term “seo brisbane


My SEO Guy is picking up new terms as it climbs, and we continue working on the improvements and adjustments that will move My SEO Guy up the rankings.


Some of the the keywords/phrases we have targeted are:

SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Company


Some interim results include:

SEO Hobart – Position #28

SEO Packages Australia – Position #17

SEO Darwin – Position #37


Overall traffic to the My SEO Guy site continues to improve as well..  though the % represented by Search Engines remains small.

Stay tuned for more updates…



The SEO Guy


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First page of Google in a Week

Yes!…  you read it right….

First page of Google in a Week

That’s what we have just done for a new client withe a trade/service business in Brisbane.


The client had an existing site that was dated, and ‘under-designed’.  It received poor traffic and was not found in the first 10 SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) eg:  It was ranked somewhere in the hundreds…


We were commissioned at first to do the search engine optimisation for this air conditioning company, but the site design and CMS  were not conducive to what we wanted and needed to do.  So our team we took on the re-design job as well.  This created a structure that would make the SEO work we were to undertake much easier.


We discussed the targets for this business with the client and decided on some prime and secondary keywords and phrases.  With this information we started making the changes necessary to the site.


At My SEO Guy we create a complete search engine optimisation package for every company we work for.  We don’t just add some keywords and run away.   Once target keywords and phrases are selected with the client’s input, we aim to refine those words based on actual results and user behaviour.  Then with our holistic approach  we examine site structure, keyword structure and page structure to determine the best way to improve the site search engine standing.

This holistic approach allows us to get good results quickly, and results that have significant longevity.


With this client the results were significant and fast.

Search Queries-Sep-13

There is much more work to do with this company, to ensure that the results we have achieved are long standing, and to additionally target the secondary key words and phrases that can bring more specific traffic to their website.



The SEO Guy


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Great Search Engine Optimisation result for a Client in Perth

We just achieved the perfect outcome for one of  our ‘favourite’ clients..

A Number #1  Position on Google for her prime keyphrase – “hair extensions perth”


This ranking has brought her site more traffic, and more clients to her business.  This result was achieved with our work, but also with some excellent work by the client. We have mentioned her before when we previously wrote about The SEO Power of the Blog.


Now that the Number #1 position is held, it allows us to focus on secondary keywords and phrases that can also increase the traffic to the website.


Would you like to see results like this for your site..?   Give us a ring  – 0419 295 283 – and we will outline what we can do for your sites SEO.


The SEO Guy

SEO Work equals SEO Gains. It’s as simple as that.

Just four days ago we updated our results for our live SEO in Action project.. and included an update on our old site and how it was fairing in the rankings.

Interestingly our old site,, remains at #15 for the term ‘seo brisbane’. We expected the fall in rankings to be sharper as we moved the focus from to

So we will keep an eye on that too..

So we kept an eye on it…

..and guess what!? is now first page for the chosen keywords – ‘seo brisbane’

An outstanding result.. but one that we are in the process of ‘undoing’.

With the constant work we are doing we expect to see more changes in the rankings for both and

Stay tuned

The SEO Guy

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