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I just heard about SEO.. What do I do next?

What is SEO?

Do I need SEO?



So you have a website… and you hear someone talking about their website and SEO.

Not sure what they are talking about …. you head to Google to find out more…

..and there the problems start….


What is it?

How do I do it?

This guys say do “A” , but this guy says do “B”

What is the answer?

Is there only one answer?



It’s OK…   Don’t worry…   You don’t need to understand every little nuance that makes up the field of SEO, and believe me you don’t want to try to.


The internet has spawned thousands(if not millions) of SEO experts in recent years..  and half of them have a webpage telling you what your doing wrong, and the other half are spamming your email inbox with promises of making you number one for everything.

Many of these people have limited understanding of SEO, and many think that it is a field ruled by rules and finite instructions.

Well, it’s not.   SEO is a complex field of guesswork, theory and an ever changing environment, so you need an SEO Guy that is up-to-date and flexible and with proven results.

There are very few finite rules in SEO.  So if you come across a long list of SEO do’s and dont’s, and people that spout gospel rules for SEO..  Be very wary…  and keep researching.


Your job, as a website owner, is to run your business…  Having a basic understanding of what SEO is is necessary, but having a deep understanding of every little aspect is not needed.

So keep reading, keep researching, treat everything with a wary eye,  and give us a call.


I will answer the questions above in the following weeks.. So stay tuned.


The SEO Guy


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