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In Brisbane, in Adelaide even Perth

Does it matter where your SEO Guy is?

Does he(or she) need to sit next to you to understand your SEO needs?



The short answer is No.   You business may be based in Brisbane,  or Adelaide or even Perth, but your SEO Guy should be able to do their job from anywhere in the world with a decent Internet connection.


Here at My SEO Guy we have clients across Australia.  In Perth,  Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, and we could easily service clients in Darwin, Hobart or any other Australian town or city.

Understanding a clients needs comes from asking the right questions, understanding the intricacies of keywords and SEO elements, and having the experience to know..  what works…  what doesn’t… and when to listen to the client.

Success for our clients is not just measured in the ‘number’ next to a Google ranking..  Increased search engine positioning must also mean increased sales, leads and profits.  At My SEO Guy  we talk to our clients..  and make sure the work we do on Search Engine optimisation for their website is making a real difference to their business.



The SEO Guy


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Searche Engine Optimisation Email Spam

If you own a website..  you would have received one(if not many)  spam emails  telling you how you website does not rank for your keywords.

Don’t believe what they say, don’t get sucked into a trap.. and understand why you should not do these things..

You can Read More at Grimpond Web Design Blog


The SEO Guy

Showing the SEO power of a website Blog

We have an SEO client in a hairdressing related field, and part of our SEO advice was to add a ‘blog’ to here existing website.  While she did not know about ‘blogging’ or what it entailed or how it worked, we encouraged her to have a go and walked her through the subtleties.

You can Read More at the Grimpond SEO Blog.


The SEO Guy

Great Recommendation from an SEO Client

We just received a nice note from a very happy SEO client with a small business based in Perth.


Well done on getting me to number one.. U are a god!! Can’t thank u enough!!!!


Not sure if we are “gods”, but we appreciate the sentiment.


Want to know what it feels like to be ‘Number One’…  Give us a call on  0419 295 283


The SEO Guy



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